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Interviewer: How do you view Jonathan Toews, Blackhawks captain?

Richards: I’ve got so much respect for him, for the way he approaches the game. I mean, he’s hockey 24/7. He’s obviously a leader. He’s tenacious on the ice. He’s just non-stop. He makes his linemates better, and in doing so he makes his team better. Not the loudest guy but a guy that’s not afraid to say something. When I was with him for the short while, the confidence that he has in himself is — I think it just brushes off on some of his teammates too. So, obviously gonna be a great battle that I look forward to, and, I mean, it’s gonna be fun. I’d put him up with —  one of the best players in the world.

- Mike Richards comments on Jonathan Toews ahead of the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals; May 28, 2010.

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