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In separate moves that shook Philadelphia like a California earthquake, the Flyers traded away their top two forwards within a matter of hours. Over the ensuing days, numerous articles were written about the break-up of two best friends, Mike Richards and Jeff Carter.

Somewhat lost in the story though was the separation of two other close buddies, Doughty and Wayne Simmonds.

“When anyone thought of Dewey, they thought of Simmer because they lived together and that sort of thing. It was always Simmer and Dewey,” said Kings captain Dustin Brown while reflecting back.

It was also during the 2010-11 season, when Lewis played his first full year in Los Angeles, that a Doughty-Lewis friendship was slowly starting to take shape.

“Lewie was like the third wheel,” Brown quipped. “I always called him that until Simmer left. Then he became Dewey’s new boyfriend.”


Drew Doughty and Trevor Lewis – hockey’s lovable odd couple (from


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